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Oral Surgery Cadaver Course for GDP’s

25th October 2024 - 26th October 2024

This 2-day oral surgery course is open to all dentists who want to develop not just their skillset and knowledge, but more importantly, their confidence in Oral Surgery.

If you are a dentist who tends to avoid oral surgery procedures because you are worried about the following:

* Not knowing how to take a tooth out predictably

* Knowing which instrument to use to mobilise a solid tooth

* What to do if it doesn’t move

* What to do if the tooth breaks

* How to remove a tooth with abnormal morphology

* How to raise a flap, retrieve roots and suture back

* How to split roots

* What to do if there’s a complication

* Not knowing how close the tooth is to the sinus and how to manage an OAC if it occurs

* How to take out impacted wisdom teeth

* How to place dental implants and socket graft

This is the course for you!

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